What I've done

It's been over 14 years, so I've done a lot. Here's a small taste of what I've done so far...

Silver Moon Production
Silver Moon Production
This is a custom design built on WordPress. (launching soon)

KooL CrAzE
KooL CrAzE
Simple, clean, and fully custom.

Lapp Group
Lapp Group
Only 2 weeks from start to finish, I used a design provided by the client, cleaned it up, and built the site on WordPress. This site has had almost constant upgrades and improvements since then, including a sister site (Castle Point Paradise) and online application system (sign with your mouse, get signed agreement as a PDF).

The Chuckwagon Cowboy
The Chuckwagon Cowboy
Custom design, custom plugins for videos and recipies, and all on WordPress. (Not yet launched)

Markham's Maple Shanty
Markham's Maple Shanty
This is a standard informative site with an e-commerce twist using PayPal. I created both the design and the logo.

Backporch Botanicals
Backporch Botanicals
This is an e-commerce website running on Zencart. I created a custom theme for it and entered all of the products at that time (more have since been added).

Lowville Baptist Church
Lowville Baptist Church
This is a custom WordPress theme running on ... WordPress! Also included in this site is a full podcasting system. In the 8 years I've been managing this site (since it was first launched back in 2004) it has grown to a massive site using more than 2 GB of disk space on it's server. Most of that consists of MP3 files, each around 5 MB.

Matt Krol Construction
Matt Krol Construction
This is a fully custom design running on custom CMS (provided by a third party). This is a basic site, with your typical features a brochure type site would have.
Programmed in collaboration with Epic WebStudios

Lowville Town Hall Theater
Lowville Town Hall Theater
This is a custom everything site. Custom design, custom CMS, custom everything. In a nutshell, the custom CMS allows movies to be added at any time, and automatically removes movies after they are no longer showing. It also controls the ads on the right and all other site content.

Some others...
  • Castle Point Paradise
  • Country Pride Realty
  • Coyote Roadhouse
  • Death's Door BBQ
  • Die Process Control Systems
  • Dock Sides
  • Door County Today
  • Dynamic Metal Technologies
  • Exacto Inc.
  • Fox Valley NARI
  • Freedom Energy LLC
  • Generation Plan
  • HELP Of Door County
  • James G. Fritsche DDS
  • Kevin Reed Jazz
  • Lakeshore Industrial
  • MacDowell Male Chorus
  • Maching Service, Inc.
  • Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing
  • MI-T Fence
  • Oakridge Gardens Nursing Center, Inc.
  • Olde Good Things
  • Opp, Inc.
  • Peter's Uncle Sams Fireworks
  • Portside Builders
  • Snagg
  • Someday Isle Tackle
  • Steady Tips
  • Stone Harbor Resort
  • Triple E Machine & Tool
  • TrueBlood Performing Arts Center
  • Washington Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Wild Ones
  • Williams Auto Body